Gluten Free Menu St Johns MI

We are completely Allergy-Friendly! Our food is made to order so we can accommodate many different allergies.


All items are available for takeout.

Chicken Carbonara


Uncured bacon, mushrooms, peas and chicken tossed in our white creamy sauce on top of penne (GFA) (DFA – $1.50)

Seafood Fettuccine


Shrimp, scallops and lobster mix tossed in our homemade alfredo sauce. (DFA – $0.85) (GFA – $0.75) (Grain-Free $0.85)

Pasta Arrabbiata


Spicy pasta(not for the weak) tossed with penne noodles (GFA) (DF)

Chicken Tender Salad


Chicken tenders on a bed of spring mix with tomatoes, cucumbers and cheddar cheese (GF) (DFA – $.85)

Brisket Carbonara


Brisket, uncured bacon, mushrooms and peas with cream sauce on spaghetti pasta (GFA) (DFA – $1)

Blackened Pasta


Shrimp, Sausage or Chicken

(GFA – $0.75) (DFA – $0.85) (Grain-Free $0.85)

Mac N Cheese 




(GFA – $0.75) (DFA – $1) (Grain-Free $0.85)

Chicken/Sausage or Steak 



(GFA – $0.75) (DFA – $0.85) (Grain-Free $0.85)

Pasta Consentina 


Sausage in Spicy Cream Sauce

(GFA $0.75) (Grain-Free $0.85)

Pesto Creamy Pesto Past


(DFA – $0.85)(GFA – $0.75) (Grain-Free $0.85)



 Marinara or Meat Sauce

(DFA $0.85)(GFA $0.75) (DF)(VA)

Adult Mac & Cheese


Elbow macaroni mixed in a cheddar alfredo sauce
Baked Mac and Cheese / 6.50
Brisket Mac and Cheese / 8
Baked Brisket Mac and Cheese / 8 .50
(DFA – $1.50) (GFA)

Baked Spaghetti


Spaghetti with choice of marinara or meat sauce topped with mozzarella and baked to perfection (GFA – 0.75) (DFA – $0.85)(Grain-Free $0.85)

Fettuccine Alfredo


Fettuccine tossed in a pan with our homemade Alfredo sauce. Add chicken, sausage or shrimp – $1.75 (GFA – 0.75) (DFA – $0.85)

Soup and Salad


Today’s soup of the day served alongside a side salad (GFA) (DFA)

Seafood Salad


Spring mix and with shrimp, scallops and lobster meat blend (GF) (DFA)



Spaghetti served with meat-sauce (DF) (GFA – $0.75) (VA)

Personal 9″ Pizza


$.85/regular topping,
$2/premium topping



Garlic, olive oil and grape tomatoes lightly seasoned and baked on our homemade bread. (DF)(GFA – 10.50)Gluten Free 

Cheesy G’s


Fresh mozzarella lightly breaded and fried with side of marinara (GF) (DFA $2)

Fried Ravioli


Cheese filled pasta, breaded. Fried & served with marinara (GF)



Our homemade bread sticks covered in mozzarella cheese and lightly seasoned then baked to perfection. Comes with marinara sauce (GFA  – $11) (DF – $2) Gluten Free Breadsticks (V) / 10.50

Homemade Bread Basket


Our delicious, freshly baked Italian bread with oil and seasoning for dipping or marinara sauce. (V) Alfredo sauce – $0.75 Complimentary with pastas and entrees. Gluten Free Bread Basket / $5

Egplant Parmesean


3 Breaded Eggplant medallion baked with mozzrella & marinara (GF) (DFA- $2)

Chicken Nuggs



Free Range Chicken Tenderloin Breaded & Fried.

Add French Fries, Salad or Soup for $2

Buffalo available – $.50

Want a meal? Add french fries, Salad or Soup for – $2 (Buffalo $0.50) (GF) (DF) (Grain -Free $2)

Cheesy Bread


Eight slices of homemade bread
baked with garlic, mozzarella, and
cheddar. Comes with marinara sauce
(GFA – $10)(DFA – $2)
Gluten Free Cheesy Bread / $9

Battered Fried Mushrooms


Mushrooms, beer battered with a gluten free beer and deep fried. (GF) (DF)

Cocktail Shrimp


8 pieces of Eco chilled shrimp served with homemade cocktail sauce.

(GF) (DF)

Loaded Nachos


Ground beef, cheddar, black olives, tomatoes, spring mix, jalapenos on homemade non-gmo Chips

(GF) (DFA – $2) Loaded Chicken Nachos / 13

Cobb Salad


Uncured bacon, salami, grape
tomatoes, red onions and blue cheese
*Blue Cheese is not Gluten-Free

Black and Blue Salad


Brisket, tomatoes, red onion and blue cheese
crumbles (K*)
*Blue Cheese is not Gluten-Free

Seafood Salad


Spring mix and arugula with shrimp,
scallops, lobster meat, mozzarella, grape
tomatoes, and mild peppers (GF)
(DFA – $1) (K*)



Served on Penne,

Garlic Free.Option), (GFA $0.75). (DF)(Add Protein for $3.50)

Chicken Tender Salad


LIL G’s breaded chicken tenders on a bed
of spring mix with tomatoes, cucumbers,
and cheddar cheese (GF) (DFA – $1)

Taco Salad 


Mixed Greens, Grape Tomatoes, Green Peppers, Onions, Jalapeno, Black Olives, Cheddar & GF Tortilla Strips(DFA $2).

LIL G’S Italian 


Salaad (Spring Mix, Cucumbers, Yellow Pepper Black Olives & Grape Tomatoes)

Bread Basket 


(GF $5)1


All Pasta Entrees come with the choice of soup or salad. Bread basket included.

Chicken Parmesan


Coconut Floured Chicken Breast Breaded & Fried Served with Spaghetti w/Marinara (GFA – 0.75) (DFA – $1.50)(White Parm / 15.75)

Brisket Carbonara


Brisket, uncured bacon, mushrooms, and peas mixed with a creamy white sauce and served on spaghetti pasta (GFA) (DFA-1)

Seafood Fettuccine


Shrimp, scallops, and lobster mix tossed with Alfredo sauce (GFA – $1) (DFA – $1.50) (Extra Seafood $3.50)

Spaghetti with Meatballs


Served with meat sauce and the choice of beef or
chicken meatballs . Plant Based Veatballs- $2
(DF) (GFA)

Pasta Al A Carbonara


Uncured Bacon Sautéed in Olive Oil Then Mixed With an Egg Batter, Mozzarella, and Parmesan

Chicken Carbonara


Uncured bacon, mushrooms, peas and chicken
tossed in a creamy white sauce with penne rigate
(GFA) (DFA – $1)

Pasta Pomodoro


San Marzano tomatoes with fresh parsley , lightly
seasoned and tossed with penne rigate.
Add chicken, shrimp or sausage – $3
(GFA) (DF)

Pista Alforno


Penne pasta with ricotta mixed with a delicious meat sauce then topped with mozzarella and baked. (GFA)

Black and Blue Pasta


Steak, Mushrooms Blue Cheese. Crumbles tossed w/Creamy White Sauce on Penne.(Blue Cheese not verified). (DFA $2)
*Blue Cheese is not Gluten-Free Verified.(DFA $2)

Cream Chicken Piccata


Tenderized chicken, liteltly floured in Coconut, pan fried served served on Orzo & Capers in lEmon Sauce. (GFA – $0.75) (DFA – $.1) (Grain-Free $1)

Blackened Pasta


Spicy blackened cream sauce, Mushrooms served on penne (GFA – $1) (DFA – $2) (Grain-Fasta $2)

Pasta Milanese 


Beef, Pork or Chicken Lion, Breaded Fried, & Baked with Fresh Mozzarella & Sauce (GFA – $1) (DFA – $1.50)

Seafood Risotto


Calabrese, Mushroom &Plain.

Risitto $10

Protein. for $3.50.

Calabrasse Risotto


Creamy arborio rice cooked with white wine,
shallots, red bell peppers and saffron threads
Add chicken, shrimp or sausage – $3
(GF) (DFA)

Baked Spaghetti


Spaghetti topped with meat sauce and baked with
mozzarella on top. (DFA – $1) (GFA) (VOA)

Shrimp Scampi Pasta


Shrimp scampi, tomatoes, mushrooms tossed in a light garlic sauce served on spaghetti (DF) (GFA – $1)

Florentine Pasta $14.75

Sauteed Shrimp in Garlic Oil Sauce, Mushrooms’ Grape Tomatoes Served n n Spaghetti (GFA – $1)(DF)

Adult Mac and Cheese


Elbow macaroni mixed in a cheddar alfredo sauce

(GFA) (DFA – $1.50)
Baked Mac and Cheese / 10.00
Brisket Mac and Cheese / 13.50
Baked Brisket Mac and Cheese / 14.00

Comes with choice of soup or salad and one side. Bread basket included
Sauteed Onions- $.50 Sauteed       Mushrooms- $.50



10 oz grilled to perfection on a lava Rock add (grilled onions $0.50) (Sauteed Mushrooms $0.75) (GF – 0.75) (DF) (K*)

Grilled Pork Chops


Boneless pork chops grilled on Lava Rock. (GF) (DF) 

Naked Milanese


Beef, Pork or Chicken-Baked Fresh Mozzarella & Milanese Sauce (DFA – $1) (Grain-Free $2)



Brisket grilled on Lava Rock(GF)

(DF) (K*)

New York Strip


10 oz. grilled to perfection on a Lava Rock (Grilled Onions – $0.50 ) (Sauteed Mushrooms $0.75) (GF – $0.75) (DF) 

Grilled Chicken


Chicken Breast grilled on our Lava Rock, lightly seasoned. (GF) (DF) (K*) BBQ Grilled Chicken / 12.50

Naked Parm


Chicken Parm

(Mozzarella $0.75)

(Marinara $0.50) (DFA – $1) (Grain-Free $2)

Livingston Farm Liver


4-6 oz of Lightly floured in Coconut, Sauteed with onions.(2pc Liver $14) (GFA – 0.75(DF)(KETO)

Comes with choice of soup or salad and one side. Bread Basket included

Shrimp Scampi


Choice of cajun or garlic (GFA – 0.75) (DF) (Grain-Free $0.85)

North American White Fish


Pan-fried with coconut flour and seasoning or
baked with spices (GF) (DF) (K*)

Fish Stick Dinner 


Cod, cut into finger sticks then breaded with our special mix and fried (GF) (DF) (Grain-Free $1.50)

North American Cod


Baked or Beer Battered (GF) (DF)

Meatball Sandwich


Meatballs Serve in Marinara & Baked with Mozzarella serve on Ciabatta  (GFA $1) (DFA – $1)(Beyond Meatballs $2)



Grilled Italian sausage on Ciabatta with grilled onion & peppers. (GFA $1) (DFA – $1)

Chicken Parmesan Sandwich


Breaded tender chicken, with coconut flour, fried & topped with mozzarella, & baked Served on ciabatta (GFA $1) (DFA – $1)

The Cosenza


Provolone, capicola, prosciutto and salami on baked bread topped with oil and vinegar, lettuce and tomato served on a Hoagie bun.
Gluten Free Bread – $1
Dairy Free Cheese – $.75

LIL G’s Burger


1/2 lb burger or hand-breaded chicken. Comes with cheddar cheese, ketchup, mustard, mayo, lettuce, tomato and pickles 
Add mushrooms, bacon or jalapenos – $.50 Dairy Free Cheese – $.85
Plant-Based Burger- $1 Gluten Free Bun – $.75

Need less burger? 1/3 lb LIL G’s Burger/ $10

Comes w/cheese, Ketchup, Mayo, Mustard, Pickle, Onion

(Mushrooms, Bacon or Jalapenos for $0.60)

BBQ Griled Chicken Sandwich $13 (GFA $1) (Df)

Grilled Chicken Sandwich $12.50 (DFA $1) (GFA)

The Cosenza Sandwich $10.50 (GFA $1) (DF)

BBQ Brisket


Choice of Chicken or Brisket. Angus Beef Brisket smothered with BBQ sauce served on a Hoagie bun Gluten-Free Bun – 50

Kid’s Fettuccine Alfredo


(GFA – $0.75) (DFA- $0.75) (Grain-Free $ 0.85)

Kids Chicken Fettuccine


(GFA – $0.75) (DFA- $0.85) (Grain-Free $ 0.85)

LIL G’S Burger, Chicken or Fish Slider $6.50 

Kids Burger Grilled Well done, Chicken Grilled or Battered Cod Fish with French Fries.

(GFA – $0.75) (DFA- $0.75) (2nd lider for $2)

Kids Nuggs 


3 breaded chicken tenderloins & fries (GF0(DF) (Grain-Free $ 1.50)

Fish Nuggs


Breaded Cod & Fries (GF)(DF) (Grain-Free $ 1)

Kids Mac N Cheese 


(GFA – $0.75) (DFA- $0.85) (Grain-Free $ 0.85)


Chicken Nuggs


Free range chicken tenderloin breaded in
LIL G’s secret seasoning. Comes with tator tots
Buffalo – $.50 (DF) (GF)

Kid’s Meatball Sandwich


Homemade meatballs covered with marinara sauce
and mozzarella cheese. Comes with french fries.
Dairy Free Cheese – $.85
Gluten Free Bun – $.75

Italian Pizza Breads


Comes with cheese and the choice of two toppings :
pepperoni, sausage or bacon on TWO pieces of
homemade Italian bread.
Gluten Free Bread – $1
Dairy Free Cheese – $ .85

Kid’s BBQ Brisket Sandwich


Angus Beef Brisket locally sourced from Little Town Jerky
Company, smothered with BBQ sauce serve and served
on a sandwich bun. Comes with french fries. (DF)
Gluten Free Bun – $.75

Kid’s Spaghetti and Meatball


Choice of beef or chicken meatball. Choice of marinara or meatsauce. (DF) (GFA) (VOA)

LIL Burger


Slider sized hamburger cooked well done. Served with tots.
Add cheese- $ .30 Dairy
Free cheese – $.50 Gluten
Free Bun – $.75 Add a
second slider – $2

Kid’s Spaghetti with Meat Sauce


Mac N’ Cheese


Elbow macaroni mixed with a cheddar Alfredo
sauce (GFA) (DFA – $1.50)

Vegetable of the Day (GF)


Ugly or Dirty Veggie


Roasted Potatoes (GF)


Gluten Free Pasta


Grain Free Pasta


French Fries (GF)


Soup of the Day




Grain Free Orzo




Calabresse Risotto


Mushroom Risotto


Asparagus Risotto


Seafood Risotto


Side of Spaghetti Choice


Meat sauce, Marinara, Fettuccine with Alfredo sauce

Fettuccine Alfredo


Sausage/Shrimp or Chicken (DFA $1) (GFA $1)

Mac & Cheese

$6.50(Baked $7)(DFA $1)(GF $0.75)

Pesto Pasta


Pasta Carbonara


Side Salad


$2 Bottled Coke & Sprite, Zevia or Green Cola

$2.75 Brix Cola & Lemon-Lime Soda(Refills)

$2 Ice Tea Black or Green (Refills)

$1.50 Hot Tea & Coffee 

1 2 ” – $ 13.75,  1 4 ” – $15.75 “,  1 6” -$17
G l u t e n F r e e
12 .5 ” – $ 15

pepperoni, mozzarella, uncured ham, mushroom,
onion and green pepper

ricotta, mozzarella, spinach, parmesan and grape

cappicola, mozzarella, green peppers, sausage and


basil pesto, mozzarella, artichokes, roasted garlic,


shrimp, scallops, lobster mix, and mozzarella with
alfredo sauce

Calabria Margherita

san marzano sauce, fresh mozzarella, spicy salami,
fresh basil and olive oil


onion, mozzarella, green pepper, mushrooms,
tomato and mozzarella


chicken, mozzarella, alfredo sauce, spinach and
grape tomatoes


spicy red sauce, salami, onions, capicola,
mozzarella, yellow peppers, black olives


pepperoni, mozzarella, salami, sun dried tomatoes
and black olives

Meat Lovers

pepperoni, ham, solomi, sausage


1 2 ” – $ 9 . 75      1 4 ” – $ 1 1.25        16 ” – $ 1 3.2
G l u t e n F r e e  ” – $ 1 0.50


12″- $1.20 each

uncured pepperoni, uncured ham, sausage, uncured
bacon, salami, capicola, chicken, mushrooms, green

14″- $1.30 each
pepper, onion, sun dried tomato, black olives, green
olives, ricotta, spinach, pineapple, tomato , banana

16″- $1.50 each
pepper, articokes , xtra cheese

Premium Toppings

12″- $2 each
14″- $2.25 each 
16″- $2.50 each

shrimp, seafood mix, brisket, Daiya cheese Basket cost $2 more

Pizza dough folded and stuffed with ricotta, pizza sauce, mozzarella and
your choice of fillings.(Choose from pizza toppings above)
Cannot be made gluten free. Dairy Free Cheese – $1

Cheese Calzone / 9.25

Price per filling / .90 Seafood

Premium filling / 2.00

Lots of Meat Calzone / 9.00



Allergen Guide

GF = Gluten Free           GFA = Gluten Free Option Available
DF= Dairy Free               DFA = Dairy Free Option Available
V= Vegan                        VOA= Vegan Option Available

K*= Keto Friendly 

Primary Communities Served

Saint Johns